Useful info

  • e-visa form – Valid type of visa for a list of countries. No questions about where are you staying, rather ones about your passport, address, employment and relatives (all the names and ages of aunts, uncles, nieces and closer-than-that relatives – quite amusing they want such info).
  • Check your e-visa – You filled and submitted the e-visa form, but are still waiting for answer? Check here!
  • Fruit fly restrictions – Fresh fruit and most vegetables are not allowed in the region around Mildura (NSW, VIC, SA)!!!
  • Fuel prices – Many towns all around Australia
  • Camping – Free or cheap, all around Australia
  • Australia roads – Many have pictures, you can check the surface
  • Sydney walking tour here and map for it here
  • Cairns Great Barrier Reef diving and snorkeling trips – Comparison with prices and summary, very well structured info for each company
  • Another Great Barrier Reef tours page – Approximate prices, listed companies and description of the tours

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