November 13th: The Great Barrier Reef

Ilgonis writes:
Today we experience a different Australia, we go by ships to Great Barrier Reef. We have booked tickets at three different companies, but reefs are quite the same, only the level of service is different. I have chosen the cheapest company [Compass].

Crew is very kind and lunch is excellent, only freshwater showers are missing. On the way to reefs waves are high and ship rocks seriously. Some people become seasick. When we arrive, I go for a snorkeling. Waves are still high and it is not so easy to go even 15 meters to the reef. But I did it and I am rewarded with nice view of tropical fish and corals. Evija swims just outside the ship. Our boys Emīls and Rūdolfs are full of energy and spend a lot of time snorkeling. Rūdolfs films a video with the underwater camera. Emīls makes his first dive ever with aqualung and is very excited about it.

After lunch we go to another reef. I decide to go or a ride in a glass bottom boat. It is a really nice view when all those sea creatures wander below your feet. Boys continue snorkeling. Unfortunately Rūdolfs does not apply sun protection cream and gets severe sunburn on the back part of his legs which are not covered by wetsuit. Who could imagine that you can get sunburn, swimming underwater! On the way back waves are even higher but we successfully reach the shore and are eager to share our new experience to each other. Nice day.

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